What You'll Learn

  • Select and purchase the perfect drone for their needs (if not already done)
  • Utilize proven cold-calling/emailing techniques through templates provided in the course to land new clients
  • Launch and scale social media pages (e.g., Instagram & Facebook) to acquire hard-to-reach clients
  • Reach out to specific types of businesses (e.g., real estate, construction, events, weddings) using targeted sales techniques
  • Capture stunning aerial video using proven cinematic flight and camera techniques
  • ¬†Learn the best methods for passing the FAA Section 107 exam
  • Take advantage of virtual assistants to passively grow your business
  • Create strong ad copy that actually converts for various marketplace sites (e.g., Craigslist)
  • Optimize the settings on their brand new drone to capture the highest-quality imagery and video for clients