How To Prepare For The FAA’s Part 107 Drone License Exam

Until August 29, 2016 the rules and regulations in the U.S. were mostly unstructured in terms of the legality of flying drones commercially in the United States.

Since then, the Federal Aviation Administration has taken great strides towards letting the average drone enthusiast acquire a Part 107 Drone License to fly commercially (make money) in the national airspace.

If you are preparing to take the Part 107 Exam, we’ve compiled a few Tips & Tricks for exam day to ensure you are prepared!

When taking the test, keep the following points in mind:

  • Carefully read the instructions given with the test.
  • Answer each question in accordance with the latest drone regulations and guidance publications.
  • Read each question carefully before looking at the answer options. You should clearly understand the problem before attempting to solve it.
  • After formulating an answer, determine which answer option corresponds with your answer. The answer you choose should completely resolve the problem.
  • From the options given, it may appear there is more than one possible answer; however, there is only one answer that is correct and complete. The other options are either incomplete, erroneous, or derived from popular misconceptions.
  • If a certain question is difficult for you, it is best to mark it for review and proceed to the next question. After you answer the less difficult questions, return to those marked for review and answer them. The review marking procedure will be explained to you prior to starting the test. Although the computer should alert you to unanswered questions, make sure every question has an answer recorded. This procedure will enable you to use the available time to maximum advantage.
  • When solving a calculation problem, select the answer closest to your solution. The problem has been checked with various types of calculators; therefore, if you have solved it correctly, your answer will be closer to the correct answer than any of the other choices.
  • For graph type questions, you may request a printed copy of the graph upon which you may actually draw and write to compute the answer. All paperwork must be turned in to the test center representative upon completion of the test.

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