Trust me, it’s possible.

Read ahead to learn how I closed 3 Drone Photography deals (totaling over $2,100) without even owning a drone.

Background: A few months back I actually sold my quad because I was moving to a new city. (Whatsup ATL!) I am currently in the process of upgrading my drone. However, I am an avid deal hunter so I have been waiting for my drone of choice to drop in price again before I snag it. During this time, I got creative and leveraged my network to still make $$$ even without a drone.

Here’s how I did it:

If you read my other blog post: The One Piece of Advice that Changed My Drone Photography Business Forever, you’d know that once my Dad gave me this advice I quickly changed my target market and began targeting the biggest and most expensive properties for sale in my area. (I’m talking $1 million and up.) Only problem was I had no drone!

Luckily, a good college friend of mine (@skydromedia) had reached out to me and said that he recently bought a DJI Phantom 3. (Fantastic Drone, Get One Here). He was interested in doing real estate photography as well and a lightbulb went off in my head.

I could generate leads for him in his area (Jacksonville, FL) and take a commission from those successful deals. (we split the earnings 75% for him and 25% for me) Best part? Since I was generating the leads, I could set the price for our services. Since I was targeting the higher end properties, I was able to quote customers a higher price than a typical event or residential real estate shoot.

Next, I began cold calling and emailing all properties in his area selling for over a million. I ended up closing 3 deals in roughly 2 months. I earned over $400 for less than 2 hours of work.

My advice?

Join forces with someone. Two minds are greater than one.