#1  John Huang, @jsrpixel

It’s safe to say that John from @jsrpixel absolutely took Instagram by storm by capturing some of the most vivid and inspiring drone shots of 2019. For John, drone photography and videography is not only a life long passion but something that inspires hope and courage. As a hobbyist living in Hong Kong, he started by doing drone-photography during holidays, this was just for fun and he had no serious ambition. But what started as a humble holiday snapshot session has led him to explore other innovative ways of drone photography and videography to capture images that inspire and tell a story. Check out website to learn more!

#2 Martin, @visualpassport

Whether you are looking for stunning hyperlapses of Hong Kong’s skyline or moody coastal shots incorporating rolling fog, Martin from @visualpassport is your man! This incredibly talented drone pilot consistently puts out some of the most eye-grabbing drone content on Instagram today. Check out his gallery here. Definitely keep an eye out for Martin in 2020. We think he will continue to put out top-notch drone shots from all around the world.

#3 Costas Spathis, @spathumpa

Constantinos Spathis, an architect and photographer from Greece, has become one of the most influential and iconic drone pilots on Instagram today. Minimalism, geometry, and symmetrical patterns are just some of the key elements you will find when exploring his mesmerizing feed.  Costas continues to push the bounds of creativity with his mind-bending drone shots and continues to inspire thousands of novice and professional photographers from all around the world. Check out his amazing feed here.

#4  Sandrine, @sandrinehecq

Sandrine Hecq came on to the drone scene around 2017 and has been consistently honing her aerial photography skills. Now, Sandrine is one of the most influential drone pilots to come out of Western Australia. Showcasing the beauty of remote parts of the world such as Zanzibar and East Java, Indonesia, Sandrine truly captures the spirit of today’s modern travel influencer. Check out her gallery here.

#5 Allysha Cartledge, @ally.photog

Ally is a very talented drone photographer coming out of Western Australia. Ally manages to capture and highlight the lush colors of Australia in crystal clear detail. Ally mainly focuses on nature and wildlife and has one of the most beautiful galleries of Australia on Instagram. We consider Ally a serious up and comer in the drone world. Make sure to keep an eye on her page in 2020. Check out her gallery here! 

#6 JP and Mike, @abstractaerialart

Looking for the most abstract and bizarre drone images from around the globe? Look no further! JP and Mike, two brothers from the UK, quit their 9 to 5 jobs and set out on the mission of showing how weird and wonderful the world can look from above. With a strong passion for travel and photography, these two pioneers continue to put out some of the most inspiring and head tilting content on the internet. These brothers were a must follow for us in 2019 and continue to put out some of the most inspiring content on Instagram in 2020. Keep an eye out for these two!

#7 Petra Leary, @petraleary

Petra Leary is an award-winning New Zealand born aerial photographer. Her ability to capture her subjects from unique perspectives is striking and groundbreaking. Most notably, Petra has some of the coolest top-down shots of graphic art on basketball courts we have ever seen on Instagram. We definitely recommend you follow Petra into 2020 and beyond. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

#8  Vitaly, @panvelvet

Vitaly is a multi-award winning videographer and photographer based out of Shanghai, China. With a background in IT and finance, self-taught in videography, he is a director of photography and editor from Vladivostok, Russia. Vitaly has been consistently putting out some of the best drone content on Instagram since 2017. We definitely suggest you give him a follow in 2020.

#9 Phil De Glanville, @phlyimages

Phil is a multi-talented graphic designer and drone pilot who captures some of the most brilliant and bold drone shots of Australia we have seen on Instagram to date. His iconic blue tones took the drone community by storm in 2019 and we have a strong feeling that Phil will continue to innovate on his very peculiar editing style in 2020. Check out his website and consider booking him for graphic design!

#10 Demas Rusli, @demas

Demas is a Sydney based photographer who specializes in urban, landscape, architecture, and aerial photography. His unique editing style can sometimes leave you staring at your screen for minutes on end. Most recently, he has been bringing his feed to life with stunning drone videos of urban areas such as Singapore and Thailand. With Demas, you never know what to expect, but you always know it’s going to be epic. For this reason, we will definitely continue to follow him in 2020.

#11 Seth Willingham, @waterproject

Looking for a fresh visual aesthetic with an aquatic focus? Check out Seth Willingham’s @waterproject. Having grown up in Hawaii, Seth has incredible respect for nature and an eye for naturally occurring beauty. Check out his feed to see stunning aerial content from places such as Turks and Caicos and Greece. Seth continually pushed the envelope in 2019 and we believe he is set to soar in 2020. Check out his website here. 

#12 Sebastian, @sebastianmzh

Although we don’t have a ton of information on Sebastian’s background, we DO know that he consistently puts out some of the most stunning aerial images of Iceland we have ever seen. Give him a follow on Instagram and check out his epic drone video from Iceland on Youtube.

#13  Hugo Peña, @hpenasa

Hugo Peña is an incredibly talented drone photographer and founder of @birdbyeye based out of Los Angeles, California. Originally from Medellin, Hugo has an unparalleled ability to bring out vibrant colors from sunsets and sunrises. We saw Huge step up his drone game in 2019 and expect him to continue into 2020. Give him a follow!

#14  Jack Fontes, @fontesvisuals

Jack Fontes has been absolutely crushing the drone photography game this year. We consider Jack Fontes one of the most overlooked but highly skilled drone photographers on Instagram. Jack’s page is basically a kaleidoscope of color and makes you want to book a flight to Australia ASAP. We highly recommend you follow Jack on Instagram in 2020.

#15 Martin Sanchez, @zekedrone

Martin from @zekedrone continually pushes the boundaries for creativity in the drone space. Featured in publications like National Geographic and CNN, Martin Sanchez uses drones as an outlet for his unrelenting creativity. Martin travels all around the world with his DJI Mavic Pro 2, DJI Mavic Pro, and DJI Mavic Air and captures unseen beauty from remote places such as Tanzania and Iceland. Martin recently hosted an aerial exhibition where he showcased his drone art in one of the most prestigious museums in Abu Dhabi. Check out his website here. 


#16 Merr Watson, @merrwatson

Merr Watson is a seasoned aerial photographer and visual artist born in the Philippines and currently based in Perth, Western Australia. Merr’s aerial photos seem to pop off the screen and have captured the attention of over 67,000 followers. While she made a big splash in 2019 by featuring places like Siargo and Seychelles, we expect Merr to continue to capture stunning drone shots from all around the world in 2020.

#17 Pierce Gainey, @piercegainey

Pierce Gainey is a photographer, drone pilot, vinyl collector, waterman, and all-around cool guy based out of Florida. If you are a fan of serene ocean shots and soothing blue tones, look no further. Pierce is always exploring and showcasing his love for the ocean with his drone. Pierce really crushed it in 2019 and we believe he will continue to be one of the most influential drone pilots in 2020. Check out his Instagram page here!

#18 Ty Poland, @typoland

Ty is the Co-Founder of Simply Visual Productions, Simply Sounds and an incredibly creative aerial photographer. Ty is a visual storyteller and has been blazing his own trail as a full-time drone pilot and entrepreneur. In his downtime, he can be found building and flying FPV quadcopters, linking up with other drone pilots for collaborative shoots, and playing with his cute cats. Ty continues to innovate and we believe 2020 will be a big year for him.

#19 Brad Walls, @bradscanvas

Brad Walls is an Australian artist based in Sydney. Best known for his use of color and geometric harmony, Brad specializes in aerial portraiture and landscape photography. Utilizing one of the first consumer drones, Brad stumbled across his passion for aerial content through stitching small video clips together taken during his extensive travels. 18 months on, Brad has refined his skill set, with a vision to strive and see the world from a different angle creating the perfect metaphor for his work. We definitely suggest you keep an eye on Brad in 2020!

#20 Art Khachatourov, @artbyartla

Art is an incredibly talented and award-winning photographer based in Southern California. A commercial and residential real estate photographer by trade, Art’s unmistakable style and passion for photography is evident in every photo that he shares. Discover the beauty of Southern California through Art’s lens here.

Honorable Mentions

There are SO many amazing drone photographers and artists out there that it is almost impossible to fit them into a list of 20. For this reason, we included an honorable mention list in no particular order. All the people below are also incredibly talented and we highly recommend you give them all a follow. The drone community would not be what it is today without all the super talented people mentioned in this article.

















































































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