#1 Costas Spathis, @spathumpa

Constantinos Spathis, an architect and photographer from Greece, has become one of the most influential and iconic drone pilots on Instagram today. Minimalism, geometry, and symmetrical patterns are just some of the key elements you will find when exploring his mesmerizing feed.  Costas continues to push the bounds of creativity with his drone and has inspired thousands of novice and professional photographers from all around the world. Check out his amazing feed here.

#2 JP and Mike, @abstractaerialart

Looking for the most abstract and bizarre drone images from around the globe? Look no further! JP and Mike, two brother from the UK, quit their 9 to 5 jobs and set out on the mission of showing how weird and wonderful the world can look from above. With a strong passion for travel and photography, these two pioneers continue to put out some of the most inspiring and head tilting content on the internet. These brothers are a must follow for 2019!

#3 Emily Kaszton, @emilykaszton

With a BFA in Portraiture from the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, Emily Kaszton continues to stun the drone community with her incredible landscape photos and vibrant colors. Emily is not only an extremely talented photographer and drone pilot, she is also an accomplished entrepreneur. She hosts the most amazing Droning with Whales Workshop in Dana Point, CA where she teaches aspiring drone pilots how to capture these mystical animals in their natural habitat via drone. Want to learn how to fly like Emily? Check out her new Drone Master Class where she shares her techniques on capturing the perfect moment with her drone.

#4 Martin Sanchez, @zekedrone

Featured in publications like the National Geographic and CNN, Martin Sanchez uses drones as an outlet for his unrelenting creativity. Martin travels all around the world with his DJI Mavic Pro 2, DJI Mavic Pro, and DJI Mavic Air and captures unseen beauty from remote places such as Tanzania and Iceland. Go along for a ride with Martin around the world with his “2018 in Motion” video. Martin is also the owner of @visualdroneart where the concept is a drone will look down on a specific ground stage and a person will perform an art form that relates to his/her surroundings. This is where he believes drones are taken to the next level.

#5 Art Khachatourov, @artbyartla

Art is an incredibly talented and award winning photographer based in Southern California. A commercial and residential real estate photographer by trade, Art’s unmistakable style and passion for photography is evident in every photo that he shares. Discover the beauty of Southern California through Art’s lens here.

#6 Peter Yan, @yantastic

Peter Yan is a Chinese-born Australian adventurer and entrepreneur. Well known for his Free For All Photo Editing Contests, Peter regularly posts breath taking images from gorgeous destinations such as Shanghai, Tasmania, and Italy. Having recently left his corporate job, Peter now travels around the world to transcend the beauty of nature, motions, and emotions through his lenses. You can follow his journey on Instagram @yantastic.

#7 Kyle Huber, @asenseofhuber

Born in Missouri and based in Los Angeles, Kyle Huber is an extremely passionate visual designer and creator. Kyle always posts the most eye catching and oddly satisfying short videos. His obsession with symmetry, attention to detail and love for colors are evident in all the content he creates. With over 360k followers on Instagram, it’s easy to see why we will be keeping an eye on whats in store for Kyle in 2019.

#8 Gab Scanu, @gabscanu

Gab Scanu is a 21 year old trailblazer for contemporary landscape photography in which he features breathtaking aerial shots of iconic Australian landscapes and coastlines. Gab’s awe inspiring feed is a wanderlust’s dream and will make you want to cancel your next meeting and book a flight to …anywhere. With over 350k followers on Instagram, it’s no doubt that we are keeping a close eye on what amazing content Gab creates next!

#9 Yura Borschev, @borsch

Yura is a Russian photographer and drone pilot who consistently inspires and innovates with his drones. Featuring a mix of stellar natural landscapes, abstract concepts and incredible short videos, Borsch continues to push the drone community to new heights. Check out his Instagram feed here.

#10 Pierce Gainey, @piercegainey

Pierce Gainey is a photographer, drone pilot, waterman, and all around cool guy based out of Florida. If you are a fan of serene ocean shots and soothing blue tones, look no further. Pierce is always exploring and showcasing his love for the ocean with his drone. Check out his Instagram page here!

#11 Demas Rusli, @demas

Demas is a Sydney based photographer who specializes in urban, landscape, architecture, and aerial photography. His unique editing style can sometimes leave you staring at your screen for minutes on end. Check out his blog where he shares tutorials on some of his editing techniques. With Demas, you never know what to expect, but you always know its going to be epic. For this reason, we will definitely be following him in 2019.


#12 Charley Fitzwilliam, @thedronebooth

Co-Founder of The Brand Amp and aerial photographer, Charley Fitzwilliam came onto the drone scene with a BANG by showcasing the beauty of Newport Beach, CA from above. Charley consistently puts out epic drone photos that make you want to clock out early and hit the beach. Arguably one of the most interesting aspects of Charley’s feed is that all his photos are edited on an iPhone. Charley’s current obsession? Whales! Make sure to give him a follow in 2019!

#13 Boyan Ortse, @boyanoo

Boyan is a next-level aerial adventurer from the Netherlands. Boyan has been working on photography and multimedia design since he was a kid. Now you can find Boyan, a professional remote pilot, exploring remote locations to find stunning aerial photos like the ones you can find on his Instagram page. Make sure to keep on eye on Boyan in 2019.

#14 Charlie, @deftony83

Founder of @art.of.chi, Charlie is a Chicago based aerial photographer and meme extraordinaire. Charlie’s feed is not only an amazing place to see the beauty of the world from above, but he also has one of the funniest and engaging Instagram stories out there. On top of that, he regularly has giveaways and contests which he gives away prizes from sponsors.

#15 Ty Poland, @typoland

Ty is the Co-Founder of Simply Visual Productions and an incredibly creative aerial photographer. Coining the hastag #texturetuesday, Ty routinely posts photos that you can almost feel with your eyes. Ty is a visual story teller and has been blazing his own trail as a renown drone pilot. In his down time he can be found building and flying FPV drones as well as traveling the world with the goal of capturing a new, unseen perspective.

#16 Jordan Hammond, @jordhammond

Jord Hammond is a 25-year-old freelance travel photographer and storyteller from the UK. After living and working as a teacher in South-West China for a year, he developed a passion for photography which has led him to all corners of the earth; from the mountains of Peru to the rivers of Varanasi in India and everything in between. Jord’s use of color and light brings a fresh new perspective to the world of travel photography. Warning: Scrolling through Jord’s feed for too long may give you the travel bug.

#17 Seth Willingham, @waterproject

Looking for a fresh visual aesthetic with an aquatic focus? Check out Seth Willingham’s @waterproject. Having grown up in Hawaii, Seth has an incredible respect for nature and an eye for naturally occurring beauty. Check out his feed to see stunning aerial content from places such as Turks and Caicos and Greece.

#18 Ross, @rossatcp

Ross, a switch board maker and drone hobbyist, is quite possibly one of the most overlooked drone pilots on this list. Quietly posting absolutely stunning content out of the Northern Beaches of Australia, Ross continuously shares content that makes you want to get out and fly immediately. If you are considering getting a drone, check out Ross’s Instagram page to help make the decision easier.

#19 Tom Noske, @_tomnoske

Tom is a photographer and filmmaker based out of Melbourne, Australia. What stands out most about Tom’s photos are the dream-like nature of his compositions. Each one of his photos look entirely ethereal and surreal. If you’re in need of some dreamy inspiration, look no further.

#20 Nazarizal Mohd, @nazahery

Ever wanted to see Kuala Lumpur from above? Itching to see some exotic temples from the sky? Nazarizal is your guy. Using his DJI Mavic Pro, Nazarizal has consistently put out some of the most inspiring and influential drone content out there. Definitely keep an eye on this rising star in 2019.

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