Here’s a fun drone story that left me with an incredible rush of adrenaline and a fun video:

Last weekend I took my Mavic Pro out to the top of Stone Mountain in hopes of capturing some epic shots. As I arrived to the bottom of the 1 mile hike up this goliath quart monzonite dome monadnock (aka rock) I started to feel the wind pick up and noticed a storm coming in from the east. I had just paid $20 in parking and was determined to take the Mavic out for at least 1 quick flight. I made it up a 1/4 of the way up the mountain and heard someone say that the storm would be here in 10 minutes. I quickly jogged out to an open area and launched the mavic and caught a few sweet photos. It was a close call as it started drizzling when I was landing and packing up.

After a short but torrential rain, I made it to the top of Stone Mountain to see a gorgeous view of the surrounding forests and lakes below. I launched the Mavic and flew it out about 2,500 ft away from me.

I wanted to take a cinematic top down shot of the Gondola and continue off the mountain here . Once I was done I turned the drone around so I could see the mountain. At this point I started to feel a really chilly wind passing by me and it made me nervous. When I was looking at the mountain I noticed there was a huge cloud behind it. It looked so cool and I was ready to snap some more video. Then I realized the cloud was moving SUPER fast and right towards me! I sort of panicked (as you can see in the video) as I thought that the wet air from the cloud would ruin the Mavic. I quickly became disoriented in my panic and hit the return to home button in hopes that it would avoid the cloud. I quickly cancel that and try to descend under the clouds. When I realize that I am not descending quick enough I gun it back up and just barely top the clouds by maybe 5 feet.

Once the clouds passed I safely landed the Mavic and had a good laugh about almost losing my Mavic. I will definitely return here and get some more shots in the future.

Here’s a bonus fly away video from the same day!