Drone License 101: Do I Need a License to Fly a Drone?

As your passion for piloting drones continues to grow, it is important to make sure you are operating within the right guidelines while conducting flights.

If you frequently fly your drone then you may want to start thinking about taking the Part 107 Exam and receiving your Drone Pilot’s License. We frequently get asked, “Do I need a license to fly a drone legally.” While the answer is a no if you are just flying as a hobbyist, our licensed drone operators wanted to lay out why we believe receiving your Drone License is a necessity as you take your piloting skills to new heights. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Think About Acquiring Your Part 107 Certificate

To Recap, Here are 5 essential reasons why you should think about becoming Part 107 Licensed as you continue to improve as a drone pilot:

1. It Will Make you a Better, Safer Pilot

First and foremost, the Part 107 Exam will allow you to skill-up exponentially as a pilot through learning safety procedures, weather effects, and airspace restrictions.

2. You Can Make Money Now!

In order to make any money using drone technology you, under FAA regulations, MUST be Part 107 certified. Yes, this even includes media content that is being monetized in any fashion using aerial footage/data collection.

3. Reduce Risk and Avoid Large Fines

As the industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, the FAA is beginning to crack down on pilots flying their drones for commercial use issuing large fines, which can present a large financial risk to your operation.

4. Fly More Places, Including Restrictions

Once you receive your Remote Pilot’s License, the doors open much wider for the restrictions on where you can conduct drone flights. The FAA trusts Part 107 pilots to contact Air Traffic Control and issue waivers to fly in classified airspaces.

5. Stay Ahead of the Game in an Emerging Industry

With a $27B market by 2025, there is plenty of opportunity for drone enthusiasts to enter this booming industry and get a piece of the pie while doing something that they love.

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