2018 Drone Business Applications

From photography to high speed racing, drones have rapidly expanded their business, technical and practical applications worldwide. We are seeing companies reinvent and transform drone business applications with ingenious new ideas and creative solutions.

Drones have already entered more than a dozen different industries with an estimated global market share of $2 billion from commercial applications […]

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Start A Drone Business: This Under Utilized Social Media Strategy Can Greatly Boost Your Conversion

Background: Drone Multimedia provides consulting services to various drone related startups. We have promoted drone related products and services through our social media channels as well as email. One particular social media strategy consistently drove higher conversion rates.

Instagram Live is arguably the best way to connect with your audience on a personal level.

You can utilize Instagram […]

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Start A Drone Business: 5 Overlooked Instagram Marketing Strategies That Will Grow Your Following

Background: I have been running @dronemultimedia for about a year now and have tried 100’s of different marketing strategies to try to grow the community. I currently have 89,000 followers and get roughly 350,000 impressions (views) on a weekly basis. My goal is to share with you the most effective marketing strategies that I have found, […]

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Start A Drone Business: Cold Calling Tips and Tricks That Will Double Your Chances at Scoring a Gig

Learn the art of cold calling and add it to your arsenal of lead generation strategies. Read on to learn my tried and true cold calling strategies.

Background: I formerly worked at Apple as an At-Home-Advisor where I would solve technical support calls for various Apple products. One part of my job was to sell the […]

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Start A Drone Business: The 1 Piece of Advice that Changed My Real Estate Photography Business Forever

For background – I owned a real estate photography business that also provided aerial pictures and video. I sold custom packages depending on what the client needs.

Tired of only making $300,400, or even $500 per gig? I was too.  Read on to learn how I made 2x as much money per real estate photography gig.

When […]

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Start A Drone Business: Heres Why You Haven’t Closed That Drone Deal

Keep it simple, stupid.

Have you ever heard the phrase? I know I have. Read on to learn how I figured out how to close 2x the deals with 2x less paper work.

Background: Back in college, I started my own local drone photography business. I sold custom photo and video packages to apartment complexes. My clients would pay […]

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Start A Drone Business: No Drone? No Problem. Here’s How You Can Make Drone Money. Even Without a Drone.

Trust me, it’s possible.

Read ahead to learn how I closed 3 Drone Photography deals (totaling over $2,100) without even owning a drone.

Background: A few months back I actually sold my quad because I was moving to a new city. (Whatsup ATL!) I am currently in the process of upgrading my drone. However, I am an avid […]

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Start A Drone Business: 4 Lead Generating Email Templates for Your Drone Photography Business

Need to generate leads but don’t know where to start? Try these lead generating email templates on for size.

Background: I am a licensed real estate agent in the state of Florida. I know […]

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How to Turn Your Drone into a Money Making Machine


Hello readers, my name is Michael Diaz! I am the founder of Drone Multimedia and this is my first ever blog post. I’m very excited to share with you my story of how I created a small business and an income stream using only a drone and a laptop.

I am a recent graduate of […]

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