Drone Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with Drones

The times we live in have already been marked with some amazing and unexpected technological advancements. The internet has never been more integrated into our everyday lives. With the rise of the Internet of Things, just about anything you can image can become a smart phone enabled smart device. It was only a matter of […]

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Landscape Drone Photography Tips For Beginners

If you’re a fan of beautiful pictures, you’ve probably seen some breathtaking aerial photos of mountains, rivers, cities and sunsets. Welcome to drone landscape photography. This is where creativity flows without limitation.

It’s easy to wonder what it would take to capture something so beautiful, crisp and colorful. We bring you this short but comprehensive […]

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WATCH: Not the type of drone video you typically see coming out the warm, coastal town of Charleston, SC!

Drone Shows Snowfall in Charleston, SC

Eye in the sky: This drone video gives an aerial view of the snow that covered all of Charleston, including the Battery, thanks to the snowstorm that moved through the state.

Posted by WLTX News19 on Thursday, January 4, 2018

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2018 Drone Business Applications

From photography to high speed racing, drones have rapidly expanded their business, technical and practical applications worldwide. We are seeing companies reinvent and transform drone business applications with ingenious new ideas and creative solutions.

Drones have already entered more than a dozen different industries with an estimated global market share of $2 billion from commercial applications […]

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WATCH: Drone Flies Above Clouds and Pilot Loses Control!

In an attempt to breach the maximum altitude, a pilot flies a drone above the clouds in this epic drone FPV video. The drone successfully flew over thick white clouds against powerful winds, until the pilot lost control. Drone’s “Return Home” safety mechanism apparently failed, and the DJI F500 Hexacopter than proceeded into a free […]

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Drone Buying Guide: What to Watch for When Buying a Drone

What kid doesn’t dream of being a pilot? I know I did. Of course, back than I was a thinking of flying airplanes. But, not everyone gets to be an airplane pilot, so those dreams would usually die off for most of us when we got older. What I didn’t realize back then, is how […]

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Top 5 Drones for Beginners

Maybe you’re looking to kill some time and have fun, maybe you’re interested in aerial photography, or maybe you just want to spy on your neighbors. Whichever it is, we can’t image a better way of doing it than getting yourself a remote-controlled quadcopter (or RC drone, if you will). Seriously though, don’t spy on […]

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Start A Drone Business: This Under Utilized Social Media Strategy Can Greatly Boost Your Conversion

Background: Drone Multimedia provides consulting services to various drone related startups. We have promoted drone related products and services through our social media channels as well as email. One particular social media strategy consistently drove higher conversion rates.

Instagram Live is arguably the best way to connect with your audience on a personal level.

You can utilize Instagram […]

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Start A Drone Business: 5 Overlooked Instagram Marketing Strategies That Will Grow Your Following

Background: I have been running @dronemultimedia for about a year now and have tried 100’s of different marketing strategies to try to grow the community. I currently have 89,000 followers and get roughly 350,000 impressions (views) on a weekly basis. My goal is to share with you the most effective marketing strategies that I have found, […]

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