Drone Buying Guide: What to Watch for When Buying a Drone

What kid doesn’t dream of being a pilot? I know I did. Of course, back than I was a thinking of flying airplanes. But, not everyone gets to be an airplane pilot, so those dreams would usually die off for most of us when we got older. What I didn’t realize back then, is how […]

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Top 5 Drones for Beginners

Maybe you’re looking to kill some time and have fun, maybe you’re interested in aerial photography, or maybe you just want to spy on your neighbors. Whichever it is, we can’t image a better way of doing it than getting yourself a remote-controlled quadcopter (or RC drone, if you will). Seriously though, don’t spy on […]

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WATCH: The Time I Almost Lost My Mavic Pro


Here’s a fun drone story that left me with an incredible rush of adrenaline and a fun video:

Last weekend I took my Mavic Pro out to the top of Stone Mountain in hopes of capturing some epic shots. As I arrived to the bottom of the 1 mile hike up this […]

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Here Is a Simple Way to Automate Your Social Media and Boost Engagement

Here Is a Simple Way to Automate Your Social Media and Boost Engagement

Some of you may have heard about the recent shut down of major social media automation tools such as Massplanner and Instagress. These services lowered the barrier to entry for new businesses and allowed people to grow without truly “earning” their […]

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This Under Utilized Social Media Strategy Can Greatly Boost Your Conversion

Read on to learn how I used a simple yet under utilized social media strategy to boost my conversion rate!
Background: I recently partnered with a unique start up called KOvima. Their robust platform is a location based video marketplace that allows anyone to buy location specific videos on a whim. Let’s say you want to […]

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5 Overlooked Instagram Marketing Strategies That Will Grow Your Following

Background: I have been running @dronemultimedia for about a year now and have tried 100’s of different marketing strategies to try to grow the community. I currently have 56,000 followers and get roughly 250,000 impressions (views) on a weekly basis. My goal is to share with you the most effective marketing strategies that I have found, […]

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Cold Calling Tips and Tricks That Will Double Your Chances at Scoring a Gig

Learn the art of cold calling and add it to your arsenal of lead generation strategies. Read on to learn my tried and true cold calling strategies.

Background: I formerly worked at Apple as an At-Home-Advisor where I would solve technical support calls for various Apple products. One part of my job was to sell the […]

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The 1 Piece of Advice that Changed My Real Estate Photography Business Forever

For background – I owned a real estate photography business that also provided aerial pictures and video. I sold custom packages depending on what the client needs.

Tired of only making $300,400, or even $500 per gig? I was too.  Read on to learn how I made 2x as much money per real estate photography gig.

When […]

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